Camp canoeing

When Messianic children from different parts of the country connect in a fun and meaningful way, it enlarges their vision of the Messianic community, and enhances its sense of importance.

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Why Camp Kesher?

Camp Kesher began about a decade ago through the efforts of Son of David congregational leader Scott Brown as an initiative of the Kesher group of congregations in the Washington DC/Baltimore area. It was essentially the rebirth of a camp that was run by Chosen People Ministries called Simchat Yeladim in the 80s and 90s by Rabbi Larry Feldman.

Scott Brown, who now works with Chosen People Ministries in New Zealand, turned Camp Kesher over to other local leaders when he moved there about 7 years ago. A couple of years after that Camp Kesher came back under the direction of Chosen People Ministries with the congregations of the mid-Atlantic still heavily involved.

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