Staff Application

We are always looking for outgoing mentors to join our staff during our week-long camp retreat.

  • For all (new and returning) staff members, we require that (1) reference from your  congregational leader and (1) other references be submitted to us, for a total of (2) references.  A Camp Kesher Reference Form will be emailed to you after submitting the Online Staff Application Form below.
  • To help offset the cost of camp, we are encouraging all staff members to raise funds by reaching out to congregations/leaders/friends and family. Please note that the cost of camp for counselors is $350.
    • The process of raising funds will go through Chosen People Ministries and, as a staff member, you will be provided with resources and information that will help with the raising and accepting of funds.
    • Fund Raising Resources: click here to download.
    • Any funds given to Chosen People Ministries, in support of your work as a Camp Kesher staff member, is tax deductible because Chosen People Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Arrival and Departure from Camp Kesher
– Counselors need to arrive no later than 2pm on July 9, 2017
– Counselors can leave on July 16 after the campers are picked up.

Counselors-In-Training – 17 Years of Age
Counselors (Staff) – 18 Years of Age and Up

While we would love to offer for counselors and CITs (counselors in training, ages 17-18) to be able to come for free, it would simply drive up the cost for campers. In addition, by charging a little bit, we better ensure that we receive applicants who truly desire to serve.

You may also raise support to serve as a counselor or CIT. Contact for more details.

Responsibilities of a Counselor

  • Counselors are required to always watch over the campers (there will be shift breaks).
  • Occasionally teach devotions created by the camp leadership.
  • Receive a little training from the camp leaders in leadership, Bible teaching, and other situations.
  • Coordinate activities.
  • Participate in all camp activities.
  • Model examples of Godly behavior.
  • Be involved in creatively communicating the lessons of the camp theme. This could range from participating in and creating skits, to singing camp songs and the like.
  • Counselors will be background-checked if they are above the age of 17.