Great Day 4 at Camp Kesher Thursday

Genesis 12:3 was our memory verse yesterday and it was not a coincidence that we were praying for the peace of Jerusalem.  These things were planned well before this week and they have sort of fit together with the world events.

Calisthenics was a killer today!  Zach ran everybody around the mess hall.

Over the last two, “Hebrew Moments,” during morning worship, we learned about the Shema and also about the revival of the Hebrew language.

The younger kids played mini golf in the morning and then proceeded to bein making our challah for Erev Shabbat.  The older kids went on a wilderness hike.  After they learned about how to start a camp fire and basic camp fire cooking.  They then took on the challenge course where they found countless ways to cheat to accomplish the goals.  It was actually quite ingenious.

Tye-Dye shirts happened today and they are going to look awesome.  After Lunch the cabins were working on their witnessing skits.  Immediately after, water balloon and cornstarch war fell upon Camp Kesher.