Camp Kesher – Last 2 Full Days

Please forgive us for not writing, it is been crazy around here for the past two days!

We had the steeple chase, movie on the lawn, cardboard boat races, color war murals, color war songs, cabin outreach skits, wet and wild kickball, erev shabbat dinner, the Torah service, havdallah, etc. etc.

Our lessons in the book of Acts continued as we talked about being contagious with our faith and challenging what the world says is sacred as compared to what God says is sacred.

We had 2 immersions today!  We live for this stuff!  Please enjoy the bevy of photos.


Great Day 4 at Camp Kesher Thursday

Genesis 12:3 was our memory verse yesterday and it was not a coincidence that we were praying for the peace of Jerusalem.  These things were planned well before this week and they have sort of fit together with the world events.

Calisthenics was a killer today!  Zach ran everybody around the mess hall.

Over the last two, “Hebrew Moments,” during morning worship, we learned about the Shema and also about the revival of the Hebrew language.

The younger kids played mini golf in the morning and then proceeded to bein making our challah for Erev Shabbat.  The older kids went on a wilderness hike.  After they learned about how to start a camp fire and basic camp fire cooking.  They then took on the challenge course where they found countless ways to cheat to accomplish the goals.  It was actually quite ingenious.

Tye-Dye shirts happened today and they are going to look awesome.  After Lunch the cabins were working on their witnessing skits.  Immediately after, water balloon and cornstarch war fell upon Camp Kesher.


CK2014 – Third/Backwards Day!

Today, we ended with a great start, so to speak.  It was BACKWARDS DAY!  Most things were backwards like our meals and our schedule.  We had night swim at 9:30am and had our morning devotions at 6:30pm. Pizza was served this morning and french toast this evening.

Today at Mishkan, we worshipped and danced to Mayim!  Suzy taught about how the gospel is good news for everyone, Jewish and Gentile from Acts chapter 10.

In the afternoon, we played capture the flag on the NGPF (non-goosepoop field).

The kids riding horses got a special treat today.  They were able to trail ride with the horses, meaning they didn’t simply have to ride around in circles in the pen!

Improv was especially hilarious.  Think, “Whose Line Is It Anyway.”  We do exercises with the kids to help them think quickly on their feet and then we do games like, “Dinner Party,” “The Dating Game,” or, “Lip Sync.”  Some kids are more shy than others, but everybody gets to laughing so hard their faces hurt!

We also had a 16th birthday at camp. We made sure to thoroughly embarrass her.


CK2014 – Day Three

Wow, so I know we skipped a day but we have had a ton of things going on:

Our first memory verse Ephesians 6:19 “Pray also for me that the words may be given to me that I may reveal the mystery of the gospel.”

Today’s memory verse was James 1:2-3 “Consider it all joy my brethren when you encounter various trials for you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

Color war started off with a bang with almost all of the kids memorizing their verses.  Color war can be won or lost based on memory verses.

Yesterday we had our annual counselor hunt.  We did basketball, archery, and arts and crafts in the morning.  Someone got two bull’s eyes.  In the afternoon, we split into the electives.  Campers had the choice of Dance, Improv, Arts and Crafts, horseback riding, and soccer.

We changed the name of our chapel time to Mishkan to reflect our heritage.  Mishkan (meaning tabernacle) is where Israel met with the Lord for worship and guidance.  We have also been teaching the kids some things about Judaism.  Today we talked about the importance of praying for the peace of Jerusalem as it is instructed in Psalm 122:6.

Last night our Mishkan speaker taught about sharing our faith with boldness and he began his talk by singing, “Let It Go,” from the movie Frozen.  The kids ate it up and joined in.

Tonight Bobby, a counselor from Brooklyn who is planting a congregation, taught the kids about encountering difficulty. It was also his birthday so we sang to him and he shared his cake.

We have been dancing to so many songs; Hava Nagila, Come Let Us Go Up, Mayim, and much more.  Enjoy the pictures that follow.

CK2014 – First Day !!