CK2014 – Third/Backwards Day!

Today, we ended with a great start, so to speak.  It was BACKWARDS DAY!  Most things were backwards like our meals and our schedule.  We had night swim at 9:30am and had our morning devotions at 6:30pm. Pizza was served this morning and french toast this evening.

Today at Mishkan, we worshipped and danced to Mayim!  Suzy taught about how the gospel is good news for everyone, Jewish and Gentile from Acts chapter 10.

In the afternoon, we played capture the flag on the NGPF (non-goosepoop field).

The kids riding horses got a special treat today.  They were able to trail ride with the horses, meaning they didn’t simply have to ride around in circles in the pen!

Improv was especially hilarious.  Think, “Whose Line Is It Anyway.”  We do exercises with the kids to help them think quickly on their feet and then we do games like, “Dinner Party,” “The Dating Game,” or, “Lip Sync.”  Some kids are more shy than others, but everybody gets to laughing so hard their faces hurt!

We also had a 16th birthday at camp. We made sure to thoroughly embarrass her.